It takes a great deal of help to prepare our horses for adoption.  Below are local businesses that provide invaluable help to the ranch.  Contact us if your business would like to join us in making a difference.  Financial support as well as services are welcome.    


The Equine Protection Fund provides assistance for needy equines and their families, as well as individuals and organizations on the front lines of horse welfare in our state. This fund provides emergency feed, veterinary care support, and more.

A Home for Every Horse is a resource for 501(C)(3) rescues, sanctuaries, and care facilities. Its mission is to provide support for these organizations through the program’s many sponsors and Equine Network resources. By partnering with the Unwanted Horse Coalition, A Home for Every Horse is dedicated to bridging the gap between rescue organizations and the those who can assist them.

Guidestar, the world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.

New Mexico Horse Rescue is a member of the New Mexico Horse Council, a group dedicated to improving the horse industry in New Mexico.